Tuesday, March 3, 2009
10:47 AM ● Spiritual Moment

Perhaps only a few people have experienced any spiritual moment that freezes time and can make one believe whole-heartedly against the logic we’ve been taught. I have been lucky enough to have and share this brief moment, unsuspectedly, on a Sunday afternoon trip to a nursing home.

It was time to carol in the dining hall during the seniors’ meal. I remember scanning the room for any audience participation, some form of enthusiasm, when my eager gaze met upon those eyes and, like time, ceased. She resembled nothing I’d ever seen before, perhaps a battered character in those real-life based films I could never bare to watch. Her face was discolored in a myriad of tiny spots, bruises. Her wrinkly skin was so dry and frozen, dead, cold-looking and around her eyes skin hung off of her fragile skull, creating a somber darkness around those eyes. Her nose was only a half, as a black sort of marrow barely replaced her right nostril-if viewing down at the top of her head, you would’ve seen a nostril and a precise cut for the other one. It’s amazing how those eyes, those beyond melancholy eyes, peered directly into my soul and effortlessly, effortlessly mine into hers. As though we were mentally connected for that moment only, the distance between us was a mirror; she saw me and thought of the youth she used to be, I saw her and was mindful of the elderly I will one day face. Before anything else could happen, I looked away with obedience, regarding my mother’s polite rule (”staring is rude and disrespectful”) and the spiritual seconds that couldn’t have actually been seconds were over. To this day I still recall our last oddly shared thought: “She’s beautiful.”

Perhaps this was because the elderly tend to fixate on the past, the young tend to race towards the future, and both of those mindsets…collided.

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